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Attach/Gable Fan Installation

Keeping the Home Cooler and Lowering Utilities

Let us help you keep your bills from going through the roof. Attic ventilation may not seem important but trapped heat and moisture increases expenses and can cause damage to your building over time. If the corners of the shingles on a roof curl up, the attic is experiencing overheating and humidity that will only become worse with time.

Benefits of attic ventilation:

  • Reduces utility bill
  • Controls excess humidity (even during colder months)
  • Extends the life of roofing material

Heat trapped in attics can account for about 20 percent of a utility bill. The moisture trapped inside the attic can also lead to rot, as well as framing and roof damage. Moisture leaks into attics through light fixtures, exhaust fans, and access panels. A fan is an inexpensive and quick fix that prevents future damage and they only run when needed. Call our experts at (818) 706-1452 to set up an appointment and start saving money today!

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